Commercial Real Estate Financing

The Best Commercial Real Estate Financing for Investment Properties

At JRF Financial, Inc., we provide a full range of financing tools for owner-operated companies such as retail businesses, wholesalers, manufacturers, and other B2B and B2C companies. These loan options include equipment financing and real estate loans, such as SBA loans. However, what truly sets us apart from other lenders is our complete commercial real estate financing for investment properties. This type of financing isn’t easy to find anywhere else.

What Types of Investment-Related Commercial Real Estate Financing Do We Offer?

We offer both recourse and non-recourse options for owners of property management businesses. With significant loan amounts, simplified approval after passing qualification and low interest rates, we can help large-scale developers and smaller fix-and-flip businesses alike. Here are some of the commercial real estate financing options available:

  • Bridge loans: In order to secure the best properties for improvement, resale or development, it’s often important to have access to capital quickly. Bridge loans let you take advantage of opportunities swiftly while waiting for long-term financing to be approved.
  • Conventional financing: With traditional commercial real estate loans, it’s easy to find a balance of long repayment terms and low interest rates for virtually any investment project, including fix-and-flip opportunities.
  • Mezzanine and equity financing: Depending on the needs of your business structure, we can provide typical equity financing or more flexible mezzanine options.
  • Construction and development loans: We can assist developers in building multi-family management properties or housing developments.
  • International financing: Investment in U.S. commercial properties isn’t the only option available for businesses with an eye for lucrative portfolios.
  • CMBS loans: Sizable loan amounts can allow for the development of high-value sectors through securitizing commercial properties.

With such a wide variety of commercial real estate loans available, selecting the one that fits your current goals the best isn’t difficult. We can even put together a customized commercial real estate loan that involves multiple financing types for more complex undertakings. To learn more, contact our financing experts right away.